It took many late nights and an excessive amount of Revive to finally get here, but we think we’ve got it.

After mixing and testing countless numbers of essential oils, our team has come up with two new blends and a brand new delivery method for on-the-go aromatherapy refreshment.

Our two new additions to the Aromago family are the Recover blend and Summer blend.

Recover is a mix of ginger and peppermint. Ginger essential oils have been used for thousands of years to alleviate nausea and motion sickness. It’s a warm and spicy scent that energizes and uplifts. Combined with peppermint, it creates a strong smell that is perfect for the morning after a big night out. It can cut through a hangover like a Jedi lightsaber slicing through bread.

The Summer Blend, aka Manchurian Dragonfruit, is quite the opposite. It has a sweet and exotic scent that is perfect for a laid back summer day. We couldn’t get enough of the Manchurian Dragonfruit scent when we were mixing our oils, so it was obvious that this needed to be one of the new blends. It would be a crime to keep something so pleasantly refreshing to ourselves.

Finally there is our new delivery method. We’ve updated the Aromago stick for simplicity and ease of use. The new Aromago vial allows you to apply our essential oils to the tip of your finger, so that you can easily apply our aromatherapy scents wherever your heart desires (we recommend under the nose). Apply generously and breathe deep for the full effect.

If you were a fan of our Revive and Relax blends, then you’ll notice that we’ve brought these two scents back in the new Aromago stick. While Recover and Manchurian Dragonfruit are the cool new kids on the block, Revive and Relax are still our tried-and-true blends. You didn’t think we’d forget about our old favorites did you?

We hope that you enjoy our new Aromago lineup. Check out our Combo Pack to decide which new blend fits your lifestyle best. Then drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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