“I have been working as a Firefighter/EMT for the past seven years. I was introduced to this product a year ago and it has changed everything for me. Not only is it pleasant to use when dealing with foul smells I come across in my field of work, it is a great stress reliever after a tough call or shift. Thanks Aromago!”   Bill- Connecticut

“I thought Aromago was pretty cool and something I would use just whenever…until I came to work the following day. I work in a nursing home  and am in and out of patient rooms all day. The smells are not always the best. WOW does it help get me through the day!! Not only is it a small bit of peace during a hectic day but also a quick break from some not-so-pleasant aromas. I love it!”  – Emily, Virginia

“Every few weeks, a really potent gasoline truck pulls in front of the gallery where I work to refuel and my entire back office fills with an awful, toxic smell. I immediately thought to use my Aromago and I was able to tolerate the stench until it dissipated! It certainly came in handy!!  Thank you!” -Helene, New York City

“I currently have a cold, so I use Aromago Revive to help clear out my nose. Works better than Vicks, and its natural.”  -Sean, New Jersey

“I work in a developing country and I wanted to say a very sincere ‘thank you’ for this fantastic product.  In my world, Aromago sticks are a necessity, not just nice-to-haves.  I’m giving Aromago to all of my colleagues for Christmas.  Thanks so much and great work!” -Katie, International

“Holiday blend feels like a Christmas party in my nose!” -John, Virginia

“My Aromago relax stick has become part of my daily life, never go anywhere without it.  I use it mainly before meetings and frequently to help me stay relaxed during stressful times while working on my start-up.”  -Alex, Massachusetts

“Remember that morning outside Henrys?! I was sucking in that revive like it was nobodys business. Perfect hangover cure.” -MJT, Florida

“I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE my Aromago. I was deathlyyyyy tired one morning on Nantucket and this totally revived me, LITERALLY. I was able to rock through the entire day at Nobes. Thanks godddddddd for Aromago Revive.” -Melissa, Massachusetts

“So the girl I share an office with went running 2 hours ago and hasn’t showered. Thanks for the AromaGo, it saved me today!” -Alex, Connecticut

How does Aromago refresh your modern healthy lifestyle? We’d love to profile you on this page. Drop us a line at info@goaromago.com!

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