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First off, thanks for visiting the website. Our web developer, Drew Piekarski, has been working tirelessly on getting the site up and to him we are forever grateful. Thanks Drew. Check out his company at  scortonwebdesign.com.

So I have just returned to the Northeast to launch aromago with Dan and Kyle. For the past six months I’ve been living out in Lake Tahoe, California taking advantage of the unbelievably scenic mountains and never-ending supply of deep powder. If you’ve only ever skied or snowboarded on the east coast, then you haven’t lived until you’ve gone out west. I had my best snowboard run in mid-May, and I’m pretty sure my riding buddies are still getting fresh tracks out there as I type this (shout out to the Wolfpack!).

Nevertheless, the snow had begun to melt and it was getting close to launch-time for Aromago, so I have returned to the northeast. After a year of building this labor of love, it is finally time to debut our essential oils to the people. We’ve got two blends, Revive and Relax. Rather than type up an explanation of our products, I’ll tell you in person.

Anyway, you can expect more posts from Kyle, Dan and I as Aromago gets going this summer. I’m going to leave you with a picture of my good friends Max and Randy on the lifts at Squaw Valley on one of the best powder days of the year. They were repping Aromago hard on the mountain. Using the Revive blend to get pumped for some good clean gnar shredding.

Tahbros getting stoked with Revive before shredding Squaw.

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  1. Randall says:

    Ahhh that was a fun day. Fresh Pow and Aromago… a great combination! Sweet Pic!!!

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