Essential Kit



An Aromago Day

7am: You don’t want to get out of bed. Perhaps with a hangover worthy of sympathy from Keith Richards.


3pm: You’ve spent a half hour trying to write a two sentence e-mail to your boss.


11pm: Why are you still awake? You have to wake up at 7am again tomorrow!


This 3-pack combo features three distinctly different blends of essential oils for whatever life throws your way.

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One Revive, one Relax, and one Recover.

Each Aromago Stick contains a 5ml proprietary blend of Essential Oils, mixed in pure perfumer’s alcohol.

To use, roll a dab of the oils onto your finger. Next, apply to nose and temples for therapeutic aromatherapy refreshment.

These blends are strong. Keep away from eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas. Not recommended for children 12 and under.

Use for: Cold relief, Hangover, Energy pick-up, Exercise, Yoga breathing practice, craving cure, relaxation, stress relief, general refreshment.


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