Hey everyone,

We have officially launched! Aromago stiks are now available on our website to supply your aromatherapy needs. To our surprise, we started receiving orders before we even began marketing. I had to scramble to get the orders out last week, but lo and behold, all of our new customers have received their stiks (except one, whom we extend our apologies to and will be sending you some extra Aromago stiks for your patience. Still working out the bugs in week one).

I have to say that every time the Aromago team sends out a shipment of Aromago stiks it is incredibly satisfying to know that we are spreading Aromago love. So if anything, order Aromago stiks to improve our general happiness! (joking… sort of). But seriously, thanks to everyone who has purchased some of our stiks this past week. Your support of Aromago in its infancy stage is priceless and won’t be forgotten by our team. Hope you enjoy your stiks!

Stay fresh in the hot summer weather. I leave you with an e-mail from one of our happy customers. It made my day. Thanks Meg!

“Mmm…whoever thought up this aromatherapy on the go situation is pretty genius.
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Breathe happy,


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