From our fifth floor “headquarters” in the upper east side of Manhattan, we’ve been toying with new recipes for future blends. It’s quite fun–sort of like cooking–yet rather than creating dishes to satisfy the taste buds, we’ve learned how to assemble delectable morsels for your nose.

Holiday blend 2010 is an all-natural fusion of pine, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, peppermint, mandarin, and ginger essential oils blended in moisturizing jojoba oil. After putting 3-5 dabs under yournose, you’ll awaken to the pine, clove, and peppermint aromas. These three combine for a refreshing, earthy experience. A moment later, you’ll pick up on the cinnamon, which lingers a bit, rising to the forefront of your attention. Cinnamon, clove and pine are perhaps the strongest scents of the holidays. Their mixture captures the winter spirit, a reminder that ’tis the season.

We’re proud of our newest blend and encourage you try it while it’s available. Even if you’re not familiar with aromatherapy,
we’re confident that you’ll find joy in our latest concoction. Happy holidays everybody!

-Chris, Dan, and Kyle

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