Launched and On-the-Go!

Meg's New Aromago Stiks

Hey everyone, We have officially launched! Aromago stiks are now available on our website to supply your aromatherapy needs. To our surprise, we started receiving orders before we even began marketing. I had to scramble to get the orders out last week, but lo and behold, all of our new customers have received their stiks (except one, whom we extend our apologies to and will be sending you some extra … Read More →

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Returning East to Launch Aromago

Max and Randy Aromago

Hi friends, First off, thanks for visiting the website. Our web developer, Drew Piekarski, has been working tirelessly on getting the site up and to him we are forever grateful. Thanks Drew. Check out his company at So I have just returned to the Northeast to launch aromago with Dan and Kyle. For the past six months I’ve been living out in Lake Tahoe, California taking advantage of the … Read More →

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