Aromagrowth Continues! Introducing our newest retailer-Health Nuts at 63rd/2nd!

Hey everyone! Thanks for your feedback on the last post. You’ve definitely got us thinking about how quickly we could put a limited quantity themed blend together for the Holiday season (stocking stuffer anyone?). No promises, but we’ll keep digging around and keep you posted.  And if you think you would buy one (or a few), let us know so we can gauge potential demand and enthusiasm for this little … Read More →

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Another New Retailer in the Upper East Side!

Hey everyone! Last Friday we were invited to do a product demo at Food for Health on E 93rd and 3rd. It was like a trial run, aimed at gauging interest and sales potential at the store to help the managers decide whether or not they would like to purchase a box of Aromago for point of sale transactions. We were a little nervous, but it turned out to be … Read More →

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AromaGo Now in Manhattan Retailers and Other Exciting News!


Hey AromaFriends! I know we promised another blog a week ago, but we’ve been so busy chasing new leads and having fun that we forgot about it – well almost. The big news this week is that we landed our first natural food store retailer in New York City. You can now find AromaGo’s Revive and Relax blends at Elm Health on 88th and 1st on the upper east side. … Read More →

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AromaGo officially launches in New York City!!!

Hey everyone! Last weekend the AromaGo team and a group of about 40 aroma-friends celebrated our official NYC launch with a thrilling party on the rooftop of our Upper East Side headquarters! The event was a smash-hit, and we are humbled by the fact that we have found such a loyal network in our new home city. Over the next few months, we’ll be pounding the pavement day-in and day-out … Read More →

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AromaGo adds Pequannock Chiropractic to our Growing list of retailers!

Hey Everyone! We’re happy to announce that you can now find AromaGo at Dr. Bob Reinhardt’s Chiropractic and Acupuncture center in Pequannock, NJ! So when you stop in for pain relief and treatment please don’t forget to ask for AromaGo in the beautiful stained glass display! Many thanks to Dr. Bob and his practice for their support!

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Aromago Now Available at Tranquility Physical Therapy and Acupuncture!


Friends, Tranquility Physical Therapy and Acupuncture is now carrying Aromago stiks! We’ve teamed up with our friend Diane Letterie, the leading acupuncturist in Morris County, NJ to bring Aromago to her friends and patients. I can tell you personally, that Diane is awesome at what she does. I was hesitant to try acupuncture, the thought of dozens of pins beeing stuck into my body was unnerving at first, but the … Read More →

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Launched and On-the-Go!

Meg's New Aromago Stiks

Hey everyone, We have officially launched! Aromago stiks are now available on our website to supply your aromatherapy needs. To our surprise, we started receiving orders before we even began marketing. I had to scramble to get the orders out last week, but lo and behold, all of our new customers have received their stiks (except one, whom we extend our apologies to and will be sending you some extra … Read More →

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Returning East to Launch Aromago

Max and Randy Aromago

Hi friends, First off, thanks for visiting the website. Our web developer, Drew Piekarski, has been working tirelessly on getting the site up and to him we are forever grateful. Thanks Drew. Check out his company at So I have just returned to the Northeast to launch aromago with Dan and Kyle. For the past six months I’ve been living out in Lake Tahoe, California taking advantage of the … Read More →

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