Hey everyone!

Thanks for your feedback on the last post. You’ve definitely got us thinking about how quickly we could put a limited quantity themed blend together for the Holiday season (stocking stuffer anyone?). No promises, but we’ll keep digging around and keep you posted.  And if you think you would buy one (or a few), let us know so we can gauge potential demand and enthusiasm for this little experiment before scrambling to get something produced!

Last week was a particularly busy stretch of pavement pounding and networking/research/learning about the natural products industry at the annual Expo East in Boston.  As the cherry on top, we landed a new account at Health Nuts, Inc. on 63rd and 2nd! You can find a bunch of Revive stiks hanging at the counter in front of the main entrance. I’m doing a product demo today from 4-7ish so if you’re in the area please stop by and say hello! I’ll try to get a few pictures posted this evening if possible. If all goes well, hopefully we will expand to a few of Health Nuts’ other locations in the near future!

Additionally, this week has gotten off to a fantastic start… keep your eyes peeled as it looks like we might be making a few big announcements about downtown retailers by mid-week!

Keep breathing happy,


PS- As cold season is upon us, don’t forget to tell your friends about Revive as a natural remedy that helps you breathe easier when fighting congestion… And if you don’t have one yet, check out the promotional offer in our store!

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