Hey everyone!

Last Friday we were invited to do a product demo at Food for Health on E 93rd and 3rd. It was like a trial run, aimed at gauging interest and sales potential at the store to help the managers decide whether or not they would like to purchase a box of Aromago for point of sale transactions. We were a little nervous, but it turned out to be a huge success! We sold through a nearly a dozen units in under two hours, and customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

Interestingly, we’ve found that as the seasons change, so does the appeal of Aromago to new customers. Over the summer, most new customers (maybe you?) told us that they like the product for its refreshing tendencies, and like using it in places where they need a quick breath of refreshing air–from running and yoga to cabs and the subway.  With fall approaching, more customers asked questions about how Aromago can help with colds, stuffy noses, and “sinusitis” without us even having to suggest the idea! It’s really encouraging to discover that people can relate to a unique product in a variety of ways, across a variety of settings (and seasons)!

In the future, maybe we should start releasing seasonal blends–like frankincense, clove, and myrrh for the  holidays, or tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemongrass for the spring! What do you think?

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  1. Ben says:

    Make a chocolate chip cookie in the oven blend!

  2. Chaison Pelley says:

    Roasted Pumpkin for the Halloween season plz!

  3. Johnson says:

    I’m convinced!

  4. Sam Beaver says:

    I would buy a carton of some mix that seriously can fix my sinuses during the winter

  5. bet365 says:

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