Q: How do I use my Aromago stick?

A: The top side is for a quick breath of refreshment. Just hold the Aromago stick under your nose and focus on the delicious sensory experience. You’ll notice that the bottom half also unscrews. It can be used for just about anything. We like to take a dab on our finger, and then apply it to the upper lip for an instant 5-10 minutes of aromatherapy refreshment. But be careful not to get any oils in your mouth or eyes! It doesn’t taste as pleasant as it smells… and it burns if it gets near your eyes (for this reason– grown-ups only please!)

Q: Is Aromago all natural?

A: The oils we purchase and blend are premium all-natural essential oils.

Q: Is Aromago FDA Approved?

A: All of the essential oils we use are all-natural and generally regarded as safe for personal use by the FDA. We’re certain that you can feel confident using Aromago as much as you’d like!

Q: I’ve never used essential oils before, would I really find aromatherapy to be useful?

A: Yes and Yes! If you aren’t satisfied, just tell us an we’ll refund your full purchase price! We’re 100% certain that you’ll want to add to our endless list of everyday uses for Aromago.

Q: How long will my Aromago stick last?

A: Depending on how much you use it, your Aromago stick should last at least 2-3 months. But if you’re like us, one of your friends will probably “borrow” it before you ever get that far.

Q: It’s the size of a chap-stik, and a little smaller than a 4-hour energy, why does it cost more?

Generally speaking, quality essential oils aren’t cheap. We’re committed to creating a high quality, healthy, useful new product with premium oils at the most reasonable price point possible. Chap-stik is another convenient consumer product, but we highly doubt the same amount of resources go into making a single tube as making a single Aromago stick.

Four-Hour Energy and other caffeinated, revitalizing drinks/supplements cost about the same price for a single use as one Aromago stick does for practically countless uses. So if we were measuring the utility value of an AromaGo stik in terms of Energy supplements, it might be worth THOUSANDS of dollars! But that would just be crazy…

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