Aromago is the first truly on-the-go essential oil aromatherapy! Allow us to explain. Essential oils are nothing new. Their use is recorded throughout history and across cultures ranging from ancient Egyptian Pharaohs to the Queen of England and Yogis in India. As Westerners increasingly turn towards nature for holistic ways to improve the human condition, aromatherapy has gained recognition as an effective form of therapy. Eastern wisdom and Western science actually tend to agree that essential oil aromatherapy is a natural way to improve mood, increase cognitive function, and treat ailments.

But what are essential oils? In brief, they are the “essence” of a plant (flower, leaf, stick, etc.); extracted through a distillation process that removes the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance.

At Aromago, our mission is to deliver the benefits of essential oils in a convenient and pleasant form. Using our innovative yet simple “Aromago Stik,” is a fresh and effective way to help the modern person focus, relax, breathe, wake-up, enjoy, live, love, and return to the present moment.

Aromago’s blends of all natural essential oils are designed and developed in the United States under strict regulatory procedures. While we are not able to guarantee or suggest our blend of essential oils will result in the cure or treatment of any disease, check out some of the expansive research on the benefits of the essential oils we’re using. In brief, you’ll find countless benefits for immunity, energy, sense enhancement, and more. The ability to take Aromago with you means you can use it in the car, on a walk, in your office, in the bathroom, at the gym, on the plane, before yoga, when you’re stuffy, when you’re tired… well, you get the point.

The days of having to light a candle, open an air freshener, or spray a chemical to appreciate fragrances are over! Now, for the first time, your nose can enjoy an all natural aromatic blend whenever it desires! So do yourself a favor and breathe deep, breathe happy, and breathe “Aromago!”

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